Dependable charging infrastructure,
made easy.

ReliON is your end-to-end EV charging infrastructure O&M solution, providing integrated experience from problem detection to resolution.

– Thorough visibility into the availability & health of your infrastructure
– Remote diagnostics & support
– Intelligent issue detection & false alert filtering

– Maintenance management & firmware updates
– Issue & warranty coordination with suppliers
– Parts sourcing

– Network of pre-qualified service providers
– Service coordination and assistance
– Complete process integration within our platform
– Automated ticketing, workflows & dispatch
– Workorders monitoring and approval
– In-field tools and assistance

Our End to End platform takes care of the complete Operation and Maintenance process so that you can
focus on your business

We partner with a network of workforce and logistics suppliers to provide the most efficient truck roll and availability for parts in Canada and US.

As a Charge Point Operator, if you already have a preferred partner or service provider, we will gladly leverage this great relationship and work with them.

24/7 proactive
station monitoring

We discover issues as soon as they occur, responding within one business day and dispatch field interventions on demand, with a response time of up to 4 hours under our SLA.


The piece of mind of a service combined with transparent dispatch rates


A subscription-based service on a per charger per month basis covering:

  • The use of our platform
  • Technical support
  • Part sourcing
  • Field intervention dispatch


Approve you service provider(s)

  • Chose your SLA with related rates
  • Approve each field intervention or pre-approve within limits.
  • Interventions & parts are charged monthly at costs plus fees.

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